Quail, Semi-Boneless

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Quail, Semi-Boneless - 4 pcs x 4 oz, 1 lb total, by Urgasa, Spain.

Urgasa Quail is a family-owned business that has been raising quail in Catalonia in northern Spain for 30+ years. They raise their quail by hand, cage free, on a cereal-rich diet that is vegetarian and GMO-Free. Likewise, no antibiotics or growth hormones are given to the quail and the quail is completely traceable. Such care is taken to minimize stress and allows for careful selection of only the best quail that meets the standards of the best chefs worldwide. As a result, Urgasa's quail meat is incredibly tender with a sweet, nutty flavor. The quail is air chilled, which allows for the preservation of its delicate flavor and tender texture. Quail’s small size makes it ideal for a variety of dishes. This semi-boneless quail can be grilled and served as a lighter meal with a salad.